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The FAN-ZAG Team

Behind the FANZAG are four people who are passionate about travelling and meeting people.

Gregory, Micha, Tiphaine and Nelly’s emotional attachment to New Zealand, comes in different shapes and forms as they stem from their diverse life paths which eventually brought them together and united them to build this project.

Grégory ALBISSONPresident and Volunteer Manager
Senior Lecturer in Commonwealth studies, Grenoble Alpes University who fell in love with New Zealand.
Micha FERRIER-BARBUTHead of the Organising Team and Public Relations
Micha has been passionate about New Zealand ever since she turned 8.
Nelly GILLETArt Director
English teacher and head of international relations at the University Technology Institute of Angoulême. Translator (movie-subtitling of Pacific films). PhD on Tonga islands and unconditional love for Aotearoa-NZ.
Tiphaine PELLE
Tiphaine PELLECommunication, Graphic Design and Web Strategy Manager
Project Booster in digital marketing and event management. She is passionate about the entrepreneurial world. Globe-trotter inspired by the mountains and driven by boardsports.

Cyanne - Fanzag - vagues

Our vision as a team

Nelly : Everything that is not shared is lost”, “Tout ce qui n’est pas partagé est perdu”, as a dear friend said. Providing the French, French-speaking and Grenoble public with the opportunity to discover the works of art from New Zealand that have thrilled, moved, entertained or challenged me is what motivates me for the organisation of this festival.

Grégory : Torn between France and Aotearoa New Zealand, I eventually settled down in Grenoble for its academic life and the mountains that hemmed in the city. I learnt a lot from my experiences in both parts of the world and the FAN-ZAG is a way for me to pay a tribute to the South Pacifc and the Alps, as well as their culture and their people.

Tiphaine : I recently unpacked my bags in the pretty city of Grenoble after wandering about with my backpack. What could be more fulfilling and motivating than to participate in the organisation of a project of this scale to get to know the city of Grenoble and its people?

Micha: To further establish ourselves as a dynamic association and to be there for the men and women who travel between our two countries, we needed to mark a new highlight. With an incredibly diverse line-up, the FAN-ZAG celebrate differences and promote openness to the world. 

Cyanne - Fan-zag

New Zealand is coming to Grenoble to introduce you to some of its best assets. Be part of the FANZAG and come and dream, travel, discover, share with us, try different food or just be moved with us.





Before the festival kicks off, come and follow us on social media to join in our adventures for the organisation of the first New Zealand Festival in Grenoble !